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What if you only had one year left on this earth?

What if you only had one year left on this earth? Continue reading


Spring Renewal

It’s officially spring according to the calendar. Last week, March 21 ushered in the season many people in Canada (and probably most that are somewhat north of the equator) have been patiently waiting for. The time where the weather will miraculously switch to warmth and sun. Continue reading

What Story Will You Tell?

It has been an interesting week. Well, interesting is one perspective. I actually had a series of ups and downs and I focused on the downs. And I started to over think everything and analyze why everything was happening. Which caused more of focusing on the downs. Even though i’m a life coach, I still … Continue reading

Change is a Lifestyle

You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone. – James 2:24 (NIV) Well, it’s a new year. It’s interesting to me that we put all of our eggs into one basket for new starts in December. We struggle with trying to pick things that we should … Continue reading