I Have Confidence the World Can All Be Mine!

It’s been a while. Sorry. Not that i’m talking to a ton of you, but it was a little break. Ok, a long break. But i’m back now. To be honest, I didn’t feel inspired to write anything over the past few months. But I feel like i’ve got whatever “it” is back, and i’m ready to share with the world again.

I took a walk this morning, and really was just in awe of how beautiful it is outside these days. I am loving the cooler weather! It’s always amazing to me that all of nature knows what to do. They adapt as the seasons change. No need to get out a manual, they just automatically know what to do to survive another season.

I realized that I wasn’t adapting as much as I could be. I am definitely growing. I know that I have come so far in the last year (even six months!) and I am really content with where I am at. However, it has struck me over and over that there is more I can be doing to be faithful. Yes, the first thought I have is about being more faithful to God – which encompasses everything to me. Believing that everything is going to be ok. That I have all the tools and resources I need to survive (and thrive!). That I have all the answers, and that I need to start adapting to following my gut, no matter what.

As I walked, I thought about my clients. I thought about how I help them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and how much I learn from them each time I have a session. How I adapt to what shows up and I recalibrate depending on what they want to talk about and where they want to go. It’s not so hard when it’s what I do for my job. It’s hard when it’s life. And it’s hard because I make it hard.

As I continued my walk, the song “I Have Confidence” from The Sound of Music echoed in my head:

“What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.
It could be so exciting, to be out in the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh what’s the matter with me?”

“I’ve always longed for adventure
To do the things i’ve never dared
And here i’m facing adventure
Then why am I so scared?”

Yes, why am I so scared? It’s not like i’m facing a captain with seven children. I’m just living my life. And hoping to make a life out of living it to the fullest. There are so many people that choose to be the victim. They choose to just let life happen to them. I remember – I used to be one of those people. And I do catch glimpses of that Tara from time to time. But I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to live in the moment and expect miracles and attract like-minded people that want to share in connection.

So today I wrote this blog. Next, who knows? But i’m putting one foot in front of the other and doing a little bit each day.

What are you going to do today to move towards the life you want to live? Would love to hear about it below!


“With each step I am more certain
Everything will turn out fine
I have confidence the world can all be mine
They’ll have to agree I have confidence in me!”


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