You are Useful. So Am I.

Good morning y’all! I am feeling so good. I went for a walk/jog, I made an excellently amazing breakfast for myself, and I am pretty sure that I had the biggest epiphany about what I want my business to be. Again. 🙂

Anyway, I had a thought that I just needed to get down, so I thought I would share what came up.

I went walking a little bit later in the morning, and more people were out doing their thing. Mainly older people who are retired (my guess) that have the time to take in nature and stay fit with their friends. What’s awesome is that they say good morning to you, and I actually had one guy tell me that I need to wear a bright scarf so that cars could see me on the road. Everyone is so friendly, with smiles and advice. It’s really a shame it’s not like that all the time.

Well, I was doing my thing, having a really big a-ha moment when I looked around at the trees. Some were standing tall, ready to produce leaves for summer, some were half fallen and some were already fallen and/or rotting. What dawned me is that they are still living their purpose, no matter what stage  they are in. They know their role at all times – providing homes for animals, providing the world with oxygen, or even providing a place for moss to grow once they are no longer standing.

They are still useful, regardless of what stage. What a beautiful thought. 

Last night, in bible study, we talked about how roots are so important. Knowing who you are in Christ can help you withstand any setback, “failure”, negative thought or challenge (the list could go on, but let’s focus on the positive, shall we?). I know not everyone is a Christian, and I don’t expect everyone to subscribe to what I believe, but I do think there is merit in being strong in knowing who you are, and what value you bring/worth you have. It’s the only way that you will ever achieve anything you want to.

When we grow up, we retire, we have to find things to fill our time – many baby boomers are having trouble living without a job. The reason is because they put their “roots” or identity in what they did, not who they are. They begin to think that they are useless after retirement.

I’m here to tell you that just like the trees, you are still useful, no matter what stage you’re in. No matter what job you have. No matter what relationship you are in. No matter how much weight you have gained or lost. You still matter – you are useful to the world.

What do you stand for? What legacy to you want to leave? What impact do you want to have?

Whatever it is, get in touch with what is at your core. Then share it with the world. I want to see everyone being useful and important, and integral in our world. Just like the trees, we all have a role to play, no matter what stage. Get grounded and plant those roots to grow.


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