I Choose Empowerment

Yesterday was not that great of a day. I actually felt like crap. Physically felt like crap. It was like I had to pull myself through mud to get one thing done. Since I have a challenge of being more productive over the next four weeks, this really put a damper in my consistency plans. And I felt frustrated and annoyed…which i’m sure came out to others. My bad.

Remember, it’s ok to have crappy days. 

I was feeling really bummed and then 7:30 PM rolled around. It was the beginning of spring Bible study. I started going to Bible study last year to really find out more about this book I am supposed to follow as a Christian. As I dive in more and more, it is fascinating how simple yet difficult it is to follow the rules. I figure I should know more about it so I can know exactly why I subscribe to what I subscribe. In addition to the learning, I love the fellowship with the other women. It really contributes to my feeling of belonging.

Even though I was excited to go, I still had to drag myself there. And as I walked in, I felt an enormous sense of calm on me. And then I remembered what the study was about: our relationship to food and the spiritual element that is missing.


That sense of calm vanished as we started to talk about why this area of our lives is so hard. Why it feels like I am climbing Mount Everest every time I even think of the phrase “healthy lifestyle.” How the ill-informed logic of “I need to eat that whole bag of chips in one sitting so that it’s finished and I won’t be tempted” is ridiculous and stupid and is an easy way to reason anything. Why we feel deprived.

Why I feel deprived.

I was opening myself up for Him to make a mess of my relationship with food. I really like food. I enjoy all the winter comfort foods that I have been eating over the past few months. I enjoy covering up with a blanket and watching TV when it’s cold or wet outside. I enjoy going to nice restaurants and eating and drinking and laughing until I have to undo my pants…ok, so not so much that last part, but I really do enjoy the social aspect of eating. Just writing about it makes me salivate.


Then the leader said something so profound. Are you going to choose Empowerment or Deprivation?

What? I have a choice? 

According to the guide, I can say, “Aw, it’s not fair that I can’t have that piece of cheesecake,” OR choose to say “Wow, I am so proud of myself that I had the willpower to say yes to a healthy lifestyle!”

This simple reframe gave me a jolt of energy. A jolt of possibility. I am in the business of helping people to believe they can do anything. I help my clients with different perspectives all the time. And I have a coach that helps me with my perspectives and self-limiting beliefs too, so I do know the power in this simple step. But to actually have one that really resonated with me on this issue? It was like golden words written from heaven that finally made sense.

I have the power to choose. 

Today, I choose the empowerment perspective. I choose to treat my body like a temple (yay oatmeal with bananas and blueberries!). I feel like a weight (ha ha…) has been lifted and I can really climb my Mount Everest.

Another reminder that coaching is really powerful.

This brings me to you. What are you going to choose today? What is that thing that is really annoying you that a reframe would help you conquer? Take one step today towards that reframe. Really, try it!

I say yes to empowerment. I say yes to health. I say yes to being the best person I can possibly be. I say yes to me. 


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