The Road to Mastery PLUS A Call for Help

Ah, mastery… what a profoundly satisfying feeling when one finally gets on top of a new set of skills… and then sees the light under the new door those skills can open, even as another door is closing. – Gail Sheehy

I’ve been away. I know. I actually had a few ideas for blog posts and then I kept pushing them away. Not sure why. I guess it didn’t feel right at the time to finish those thoughts. Anyway, i’m back after a short hiatus.

I thought I would write about my current state of affairs since it’s been weighing heavily on my mind. So what’s new? Well, I finished my coaching curriculum three weeks ago, and I have a certificate that claims I have completed 104 hours of training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Sweet. It feels good to finish something I started. And to think I didn’t even know what coaching was a year ago…it’s pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

I then did a little speaking engagement at Alma’s Natural Spa, about honouring values. Eight people RSVP’d! I was super elated, and the talk went really well. They were definitely people that I wanted to chat with, and I am excited that I am meeting with a few of them this week. This was such a huge step for me, since I really felt the fear and did it anyway. I learned when I put myself out there, I inspire others to be themselves, and that is an amazing privilege.

So fast forward a few weeks, and here I am, starting my six month certification process through CTI. In six months, I will be able to add the coveted Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) to the end of my name. I’m pretty excited about it. And nervous and scared. The road to mastery has started, and it’s all sorts of thrilling, with a cup of anxiety and a sprinkle of WTH.

Why am I scared? Well, the main issue that faces me right now is that I am required to have a minimum of five paying clients to be in the program. And I am not at that number right now. And although I feel like I am doing all the right things, it’s still a bit unnerving that i’m not at that number yet…especially since I want to be at 10 clients. By March 22. Eek.

I’m learning that I really need to reach out for help. So this process is starting to open me up in ways that are scary, but extremely necessary. To live co-actively, I have to believe that I am creative, resourceful and whole and that I have the ability to evoke transformation. In other words, I can do anything and I provide value through my coaching.

So I ask you: are you or anyone you know feeling stuck? Feeling ready to make the move to something bigger and better and aren’t sure how to get moving? Ready to make lasting change, connect with your core values and take charge of your life? If so, I am currently accepting clients for my road to mastery. If you are interested in making an investment to achieve YOUR possible, contact me here, or leave a comment below with your info, I will definitely get in touch.


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