What Impact Will You Have?

I went to sleep last night in not the best mood. It turns out that even with all of my self growth, I am still allowing people’s words to affect me. Geez. Just when you think you’ve moved on.

It was supremely frustrating to feel like someone is in control of how you feel. I have been working really hard to let that go, but alas, things still get to me.

Needless to say, I got up at around 2:30 AM and could not fall back to sleep. I can’t say for sure that the particular incident was on my mind, but I definitely was not able to fall asleep again. So what does one do when they cannot sleep? Well, you pick up your smartphone of course!

So I look at the phone and I see an email that I received through my web site. That is already a major win since I don’t think a lot of people actually check it out. Yay me! I actually go and read the email and it almost brought me to tears…some angel who I met the previous week was writing to tell me how I inspired her. Say what? I was smiling from ear to ear because of that amazing email.

To give you a flavour of what she said: “It is so amazing that by being you and loving yourself, you will also help others to love themselves and step into the life that they are meant to live. You are an inspiration.”


I was so happy this morning because I feel like all the struggle is really starting to pay off. I am having an impact – actually having the type of impact I want to have – and it’s insanely beautiful. Wow.

I was reminded that stepping into what I want to be is powerful. My story can inspire. Being honest and open attracts like-minded people. And love conquers all.

What impact will YOU have today? Where can you own a bit of who you are so that someone else can benefit? Share what you WILL do below.


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