I say yes to self-love.

I had a powerful weekend. I finished my training through the Coaches Training Institute and I realized that my story is extremely powerful…that my story can evoke transformation in others. I realized that my singing can evoke transformation in others as well. That I need to step into my own light, before I can ask other people to step into theirs.

In other words, I have to love myself enough (and first!) before I can expect that from others. It seems fitting since it’s Valentine’s Day. We are taught in our society that if you do not have a significant other, then Valentine’s Day isn’t for you. Well, I think that’s bull. It represents a day of love, a reminder that love is what weaves us together. And love comes in all forms – sibling love, parent to child love, spouse love, significant other love, cousin love, friend love, aunt-niece/nephew love, colleague love…there are so many ways to share what we have in our hearts with other. It’s a beautiful thing when it blossoms in all of these forms. But I’ve learned that the most important thing to do is love ourselves.

I am stepping into honouring my value of self-love. When I love myself, I show up for others. When I love myself, I can be an example of love to others. When I speak from a place of love, I invite positive statements from others (a lack of judgment works wonders when talking to others). When I love myself, I can live my life purpose to the fullest – meaning that I can really be the person God means for me to be. And that’s a powerful thing.

I did that last night. I did my very first talk as a life coach in front of other people. My friend invited me to come speak at her establishment (if you live in the Toronto area, and you haven’t been to Alma Natural Spa, go! Her natural/organic products will make you love manis and pedis even more!) to help inspire some of her patrons. I stepped into my light and helped them discover what some of their values are. It was so powerful to me – to see people embracing who they are through learning what their values are, and inspiring others to keep on that journey as they discover who they truly are even more. I was affirmed – I am definitely on the right path.

I am not scared of stepping into my light anymore. I want to make a huge impact on those I encounter. I want to be the change I want to see in the world. And it feels good.

So this Valentine’s Day, are you ready to LOVE YOURSELF? Are you ready to fight for who you are? If not, I want to ask you the following: Is what you doing right now life affirming, or life numbing?

If you are ready, what are you saying yes to today? I would love to hear more about what you are declaring for your life – feel free to share below.

Happy Valentine’s Day – make sure at least one person knows how much you care about them.




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