Old School Human Connection

There’s something about meeting in real life that a virtual connection just can’t deliver. There’s even more through talking on the phone than there is through texting. Most of the time when I text, I would much rather pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Call me old school.

Through my coaching, I’ve been able to increase my human connection through these methods. I’ve found that through talking on the phone and coaching in person, I have been able to make more deep, meaningful connections with those I come into contact with. I’m that good. 🙂

No, seriously, I think it has to do with the being listened to part of coaching. I am there to listen. I am there to be a sounding board and provide a safe place where people can say what’s really on their mind without judgment, and that opens up such a beautiful trust bond between my client and I. It goes past all of the bullshit small talk and really goes deep into who you are, what makes you angry, what makes you happy, and gives a lot of validity on what you feel.

I love that part of human connection.

If you’re finding that you are reading this and you agree, but you feel like the authentic human connection part just isn’t coming through, I challenge you to ask yourself, where can I be more of a support to those I talk to? When can I share my listening ear more than my ‘I am ready for my answer now’?

One thing that I try to get across through coaching is that you don’t have the power to change anyone but yourself. But when you take control of you and really start to change for the better through listening, sharing your gifts, smiling, saying i’m sorry, etc., it starts to come back. Through being the best person you can be, you’ve opened up a space of meaningful connection, and that really inspires others to be better to.

What is one thing that can you do today to start opening up that space you have within you? Write it down below. Not only does it make it real and something you can commit to, it also will help you grow in ways you never even imagined!


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