Who’s on Your Team?

“…now you see me going through it, you may think there’s nothing to it, but I simply cannot do it alone.” – from the song I Can’t Do It Alone from the musical Chicago

There’s something in the air about proving our worth. To our kids, to our parents, to our bosses, to our colleagues, to our friends, even to ourselves. Somewhere along the way we picked up the idea that we have to hoard everything and eventually do a huge presentation to show that we have the power and strength and savvy to do anything that is thrown at us. We get trust in return. Those same people we have proven our worth to now trust us (or at least will use us where our strengths deem fit).

I used to have this mindset. I used to think I could do everything alone. That I was strong enough to find my jobs and network on my own, that I didn’t have to ask for referrals, that I didn’t need anyone to do what I needed to do, because I was Tara Rhodes.

The truth is, brainstorming is a lot better with more than one person. That study groups in university worked better when you have different ideas and perspectives. That letting my husband help me is ok. That God can shoulder all my burdens and help me get through. That asking friends for referrals for services is a better way of weeding out what’s on Google.

You may say, “well, that’s you, but I don’t need anyone.” It’s probably true that with technology, you essentially can hole yourself up in your room and never come out. Amazon will deliver your books. Grocery Gateway can deliver your groceries. You can do anything you wanted to online.

It’s just not the same, and it doesn’t feed our need to be loved. Not to mention that having a team really gets your shit in order and keeps you accountable.

Being a life coach is something that I love doing. I love helping people work through their stuff and helping them see that there are more than two choices and one perspective. I love supporting people and seeing them achieve their possible. Which is why I believe in using that support for myself.

What team can you build? Do you need help with losing weight? Hire a personal trainer/naturopath/nutritionist. Need help starting your business? Hire a business coach. Need to get your web site out there? Hire a designer. There’s a reason why there are so many specialists out there. You don’t know everything and your probably shouldn’t.

Secondly, what team can you be a part of? Giving allows us to be in a better place to receive. Where can you share your gifts with others so that you can be on the radar to receive?

Oscar speeches and movie credits are long for a reason. It takes a lot for Brad Pitt to look good on screen. Where can you employ help for where you are struggling? Where can you accept help so you can be propelled into your next level?


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