Attention: You are Leaving your Comfort Zone

My comfort zone is all about organization. Plans. A place where things are in order and has a process. Where everything goes the way it should, and there are very few (if any) hiccups.

I like that place. I feel calm in that place. It’s a place where I am in my element. Where I am prepared for things. Where I belong.

When I am in my comfort zone, I tell myself that this is how the world should be. That anything else would be detrimental to me because I can’t be at my best. I tell myself that being in a confused, spontaneous, disorganized space is bad. Crazy. Suicidal.

But let me tell you something. That’s where the magic happens.

These past six months have been just that. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Literally pushed. I stressed out and I worried. I was 12 shades of angry. And sad. And hopeless. And hopeful. And scared.

And those feelings sucked major. I hate feeling scared. When I’m scared my mind works overtime and I come up with all the worst case scenarios that are possible. And then I can’t sleep. And that leads to unproductive days. That was the majority of my fall months last year.

Then I let it go. I cried and cried (and cried some more) and realized I couldn’t do it alone. And I relied on God and gave the burden away to Him. I also made it my intention to share with people so that I didn’t have to do it alone. I made my team.

I pushed through the challenges. I continue to do so (with faith and love, and lots of support!). What’s come out of it is that I’ve experienced things I wasn’t open to before. I have been able to forgive people I had been holding a grudge against. I embraced a new career. I made some new friends. I see life in a positive outlook. I am better at fostering and maintaining relationships. The list goes on.

Being open to re-direction has made my life amazing (although I have no shortage of fear) and has given me an outlook of “all things are possible” and “change is great.”

Are all signs in your life pointing to the road you don’t want to travel? Challenge yourself to take it. You never know what can come to you if you don’t take the road less travelled.


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