Clarity is the key to your best life.

I took a break from the blog. Why? I was feeling uninspired. Don’t get me wrong, I have been having a great couple of weeks, but something just wasn’t in me to write something down.

I was stuck in my thoughts. Nothing was coming to me. I guess you could call it writer’s block…it’s quite frustrating, as usually I have a lot to say.

Over the past few weeks, a recurring theme kept coming up, and yesterday, as I was chatting with one of my good friends over breakfast, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Get clear. 

I was taking my friend through a bunch of powerful questions about what she wanted from life and although she could answer them in terms of values and big concepts, it just wasn’t specific enough. Things like, “I want to be successful.” Yes! But what does successful mean? It’s a very subjective term.

As we kept talking, I told her that she needs to get clear about what she wants before she can really set expectations around her business. What type of money does she want to make? What time does she want to spend per week working? What type of vacation does she want per year? What kind of time does she want to spend with her family? What does her ideal customer look like?

We had a really good conversation about it and I got her to commit to spending some time this week just thinking and writing about what it is she really wants to do and achieve.

As I drove home, I started thinking about my own business-to-be, and how I really wasn’t clear about what I wanted either. I know the type of lifestyle I want to lead – owning my own business for me is all about helping people and getting to my freedom place – but I wasn’t clear about who I wanted to coach. Hello? Tara? Take your own advice!!!

Get clear.

We have so much knowledge, wisdom and experience in ourselves, and for some reason, when other people need advice it comes out like  a waterfall. When you decide it needs to apply to your life, a dam appears and it just doesn’t flow.

What i’ve learned on my 31 short years on this earth is that you have to be the change you see in the world. If I actually want to give advice and have people take me seriously, I have to walk the talk. So, I challenged myself to get clear on what I want this business/my life to be this week. God cannot provide me with the gifts I seek if I don’t know what I really want – I won’t even know where to start looking, or know how to take advantage of the opportunities He provides in my life.

Where can you take your own advice in life? Where can you stop talking and start acting? I am learning it takes a while to end an old habit and start a new habit, but in that self development work, you will uncover your best self. Transformational change can only take place from within, so start now! Take your own advice. Chances are that people showing up in your life with problems that you can give advice on are serving a reminder for what you need to fix in your own life.

Would love to hear how you’re moving and shaking. Share your journey in the comments below.




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