Keep on Moving

“Ain’t nothin’ going to break my stride, nobody’s going to slow me down, oh no, i’ve got to keep on moving…” – Matthew Wilder

So it’s been a pretty amazing week. A lot of self discovery, a lot of introspection, a lot of putting myself out there, a lot of connections made, a lot of reading…pretty much all the things I love, and all the things that continue to keep myself in a self awareness state, which I feel is critical to me moving forward.

But it hasn’t all been smelling the roses. The thorns of inactivity keep coming out and due to my extremely intensive coaching class over the weekend, I didn’t really keep up on my routine of getting up and doing something active every morning. So I went four days without really doing much in the active mindset, and I realized by Wednesday I had fallen back in a very familiar lazy state. Which along with it had a lot of inner voices telling me why my bed is actually the better choice, and why eating a little bit of everything at my mom’s on Sunday was actually just making sure she felt loved.

Ah…the rationalizations (read: lies) we tell ourselves to make sure we stay comfortable. And aren’t our beds super comfortable when it’s less than 10 degrees outside on Friday morning and the sun isn’t up yet? It took everything for me to get out of bed this morning to go to the hot yoga class I have resolved to go to every week. Trade off for awakening at a really early hour and feeling tired? I feel awesome writing this blog post, and I also met some great women in the class that said something that really sparked the thought for today – “Never mind what all the other people are doing in the class, it’s all about YOU.”

Say what? It’s ok to focus on me? I might have had an affirming moment there in the parking lot. In the movie version, I believe a ray of sunlight also shone on my face as I looked and stood really confidently as the camera zoomed in on my face. I’m also pretty sure that there was some type of Braveheart inspiration music playing somewhere. But I digress.

Focusing on the things you can change (read: YOU) can get you to the person you want to be. It’s definitely a hard thing to do, because comfort is strong motivation to stay the same. But what can you be/achieve/love/write/bless/do when you push outside of that comfort zone and really strive to change? You get to see where the magic happens! I saw this image on Facebook and I just loved it:

Where the Magic Happens


You can move and see change – real transformative change – if you are the change you want to see in the world. So for example, if you feel that you don’t get enough hugs, start showering the people in your life with hugs. If you feel that not enough people listen to you, start REALLY listening to others. It’s going to be uncomfortable and it’s going to be real, and it’s probably going to bring up all the reasons (read: fears) in the world to not do it, but I really do guarantee that if you show up and stay committed to it, you will start to see amazing things happen in your life. When you are open to change, you become open to receiving change, and that is one of the most beautiful things I have gotten to see when I am a nicer person and treat people the way I want to be treated. Just being open to talking to people that you would normally just pass by can introduce you to people that you have actually needed (or thought about needing).

Yeah for the law of attraction!

So where can you be the change you want to see? What little step can you take today that will push you a bit out of your comfort zone? It might be as drastic as singing in your work cafeteria, or it might be as small as getting off one stop earlier on transit to walk to work. Share below! I’m curious to know what you are working on in your lives.


One thought on “Keep on Moving

  1. currently attempting (forever it seems) to ignite that elusive fire, under you know what, to get on the road to prosperity and freedom (both relative to be sure)

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