Read It Now: The Art of Non-Conformity

“…take a look, it’s in a book…” – Reading Rainbow

One of my favourite shows as a kid was Reading Rainbow. Another one in my pre-teen years was Ghostwriter. The idea that reading was cool was just the best (and that you could possibly solve mysteries with your friends was amazing!)! My mom and dad read to my sister and I almost every night and although there was a hiatus during university due to reading a ton of textbooks, I was always a voracious reader (i.e. reading full novels in less than 2 days).

I’m currently reading The Art of Non-Conformity (AONC) by Chris Guillebeau, which I picked up from the library after my friend lent me his other book, The $100 Startup. People, if you have felt that you see the world in a different way, or you want to start your own venture, or you just want to start exploring what a path to freedom for you may look like, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU PICK UP THESE BOOKS! And check out his site, as he has a ton of free stuff you can use to help you get a move on what you want to do.

It’s like everything I was thinking about my life was summed up in AONC. So I decided that since I love what i’m reading, I would give a recommendation to my readers. And then any books I feel are worth reading I will definitely share here in the future. If you end up picking it up and reading it, let me know your thoughts. “The One-Year, Self-Directed, Alternative Graduate School Experience” on pages 118-119 was just amazing to read, and a reminder that you design the life you want.

If you are not a reader, I hope that I can encourage you to start. There is so much information that is just dying to be found out in books (and there are audio books and e-readers for those who thinks carrying around heavy books is old school, so no excuses!).


2 thoughts on “Read It Now: The Art of Non-Conformity

  1. Your blogs are inspiring and enlightening. Thanks for the book reco’s and look forward time hearing how your first day back to school goes! 🙂

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